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Beitrittsdatum: 7. Juni 2022


John Coates, Joint Chief Executive of Bet365, told us that Bet365 “would not bonus in that way”.382 The fact remains that, at the time we took this evidence, of the five companies, William Hill still had “people in the organisation who are measured on revenue”383, while at GvC “not all vIP managers are [incentivised] now”

Despite the care which they profess to take about affordability checks, we find it hard to see how the incentive of higher pay or bonus can fail to tempt staff into putting numbers of players and great amounts wagered above customer safety.

A number of the largest operators have formed working groups with the Gambling Commission whose purpose is: “to accelerate progress to protect consumers from gambling harm. … Working groups made up of senior leaders from the industry were formed in January 2020—concentrating on use of vIP incentives, safer advertising online and the use of safer product design. The Industry working groups featured over 30 operators, co-ordinated by the BGC.”


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